Favourite OneFit Locations Amsterdam part 1

For the last couple of months I’ve been using OneFit instead of a normal gym membership. I love it so much, that I decided to share my favourite locations.

First of all, what is OneFit?

With Onefit, you pay 65 euros per month which gives you access to book lessons in gyms all over Amsterdam. The price is quite high, but I would normally pay this as well by having a cheaper membership, but always adding additional lessons. Some locations have lessons which cost 20 euros. If you add this up, it’s clear that OneFit gives you a great deal.

What are my favourite locations?

  • PLTS

They have 2 locations: Stadionplein 106 and Bilderdijkstraat 134. I wanted to try a lesson at PLTS for a long time, because the machines they use always looked very interesting to me. When I saw that they also work with OneFit, I got really excited. So far, I’ve spent most of my credits here. The lessons they offer are pilates and the location on Bilderdijk also has barre lessons. It may not look like an intense workout, but believe me you will definitely feel sore the day after. It requires a lot of strength and focus, which will get you to sweat. You can also make use of their showers afterwards, which always look clean If you book a lesson without onefit, this would cost you €25,-. One downside: you’ll have to buy special socks to get grip on the machines which cost 15 euros.

PLTS_Amsterdam_High_intensity_pilates_by_Marinke_Davelaar_photography-147Source: https://plts.nl/
  • Vélo

Velo is a recent addition, but already one of the best in my opinion. Velo offers a cycling workout, which will train your whole body instead of mainly the legs. They achieve this by adding weights in several songs. All the instructors I’ve tried so far are really motivating, pushing you to fullest until the last song. Their music playlist always includes some of the latest hits on a good beat. The special shoes required for these lessons are included, so you’ll only have to bring your workout clothes. Afterwards you can use their beautiful showers which include rituals products. Vélo takes care of you from the beginning till the end!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor velo amsterdam de pijpSource: https://wearevelo.com/home
  • Studio 191 (West and De Pijp)

Studio 191 also has two locations: Jan Hanzenstraat 54 and Lutmastraat 191. The location in the pijp is a lot smaller, but you can do all the favourites here as well. I love to take on of their barre lessons. They offer Barre Hiit, Burn, booty, flow and 191. Besides these barre lessons, they also have pilates and yoga. The location in West also has showers and a beautiful seating area. So far, all the instructors I’ve tried, have been professional and motivating. I recently tried the High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) in West, which I would definitely recommend, but be prepared to sweat!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor studio 191Source: https://www.eversports.nl/s/studio-191-amsterdam
  • Gustav Gym Zuidas

One of the most beautiful and luxurious gyms you will find! They also have a location in the city center, but so far I haven’t been here. I always go for their 30 min HITT training, which is given in a small area. There are limited spots available, but when training, this gives you the feeling of having a personal trainer. I love the fact that the lesson only takes you 30 min, which makes it easy to squize in a busy day. But don’t be fooled, because they will use every single minute to the max! I also tried the boxing, which is given by a really dedicated and professional trainer. Afterwards you an make use of their showers and sauna!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gustav gym zuidasSource: https://privacy.vakmedianet.nl/dearchitect/?ref=https://www.dearchitect.nl/projecten/interieur-gustav-gym-kuub
  • Yagoy

I’ve tried a couple of different yoga places, but so far this has been my favourite. I love the fact that you can follow a lesson at 7 o’clock in the morning, an amazing way to start your day. The lessons are given in a beautiful, large and clean area with all the needed equipment available. The teachers pay good attention to your posture and will correct you when needed.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor yagoy de pijpSource: https://yagoy.nl/
  • Trend Fitness

Their Prama Energy lesson is the most fun one I’ve tried. During the training you will make use of an interactive floor and wall. The numbers on the floor and wall light up and you will have to hit it to get the next light to light up. Really fun to book with a friend as well, because you can compeat with each other. The lessons takes 45 min and afterwards you will be sweating for sure.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor prama energy trend fitnessSource: https://www.pavigym.com/en/services/

Check https://onefit.nl/nl-nl for more information and I would love to hear your favourites as well!


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