My First Model Casting and General Tips

Maybe you are thinking about becoming a model, or perhaps you just got signed to an agency and curious/ nervous about your first casting. If you wanna know more about it, keep on reading!

Since I worked full-time as a model for a whole year, and I currently combine it with my study, I’ve experienced a lot of castings. The first real one I did was nerve wracking and I was totally unprepared. I had no idea how to act around the client, how to walk, look or introduce myself.  I felt really insecure and looking back I wasn’t dressed properly at all.

It was on the same day as I flew from Holland to Milan, to work as a fulltime model. I decided to take one gap year before starting my study at university, but I had no idea what to expect or if I even took the right choice to postpone my future plans. I had never worked abroad and never met my agency.  After I landed, I had to go to the agency straight away to get measured and make polaroids. Once this was finished, they give me my book with sedcards and told me; ‘good luck, your first casting ends in ten minutes, so hurry up’. But the initial plan was, that I would start my castings the next day. So when they told me this, I got stressed right away. My outfit consisted of a big white t-shirt, simple skinny jeans and some white sneakers, so in conclusion: not really casting-proof. My tip is therefore: Always be castingproof, or at least have the proper clothes and products with you. When you go on stay in a city, which means you are temporarly living and working there, you are never really free. Always keep in mind that you can be called to do another casting or drop by a client for a fitting.

When I arrived at the client, I didn’t know if I should give them a hand and introduce myself, put on my heels straight away, have small talks or keep quiet. Everything felt new and a bit awkward. Luckily there was another girl right before me, so I could see what she did before I entered the battlefield myself. When you enter you normally just say “Hi nice to meet you, my name is …’ and you give them your sedcard and book. Most of the time you already put on your heels, especially during fashionweek, unless stated otherwise. Depending on the job, they will ask you to walk or just make polaroids. You are often asked some questions while they browse through your book, like: ‘where are you from?’, ‘how old are you?’, ‘do you like it here?’. Remember to respond kindly and smile regularly, but not in a beauty pageant kind of way. Just be yourself and try to look confident. When finished, thank the client and also use your ‘good walk’ when walking away.

Looking back on my first casting, I didn’t do any of these things. I entered in the wrong outfit, no heels, didn’t give a sedcard, looking nervous and confused. The client browsed through my almost empty book, laughed at it and put me aside. To my suprise, they asked me, a couple of minutes later, to try on some outfits. The biggest joke is that I eventually booked the job.

So in conclusion: you can look like a complete hobo, if they really like you, they will book you either way. But try to make yourself look as representative as possible. This will give you more confidence, something the client will notice as well. Even if you have a shit day, still try to be kind for those couple of minutes. The client doesn’t only look to your appearance, because they eventually will have to work with you as a person as well. And most of all, GOOD LUCK!







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