My Favorite Workouts

Exercising is important for a healthy lifestyle. We all know that right? But for a lot of people it’s hard to find the motivation to get up and start moving. Personally I don’t often struggle with these thoughts, because I really enjoy doing my workouts. They make sure I feel satisfied at the end of the day and keep my body in shape. And that’s the way it should be. Workouts have to be a nice break from work or school and give you a great feeling. Personally I think there is a workout for everybody which they can enjoy and keep you healthy and happy. And if you didn’t find that workout yet, maybe some of my favorites, will get your favorite as well.

Before I started fulltime modeling this year, I had a subscription at a gym close to my house. 3 or 4 times a week I did group lessons which varied from body balance to body attack, spinning and Xco. Every day there would be a lesson I would enjoy doing. And because they are given at different times throughout the day, there was always one I could fit in my schedule. Most gyms have these kind of group lessons, so I would definitely try them out and see if there are ones that appeal to you.

But because I started modeling, I obviously couldn’t go to my gym anymore when I was abroad. So I had to find different ways to do my workouts, without having a gym. So I started doing a lot of online workouts through YouTube. I found some amazing youtubers, which have quick but effective workouts, so I will definitely share them in an upcoming post if you like.

Another thing I started doing a lot more often is running. At home I also did it once in a while, but never really enjoyed it. Now I know it’s because my routes were boring and I never had music with me. But when I was on stay in Milan for the first time, I loved running through the city and discovering the parcs and nice areas. It’s a great way to get to know a city and discover spots you normally would have missed. But I also experience this at home. I already discovered a lot of different places very, close to my village, where I have never been or even never heard of. So to get motivation for a run I would say, try a new route, get a great playlist which really hypes you up and set a goal you want to reach.

Lastly I really enjoy doing a jumprope workout. You probably don’t see it as a workout, but when you look into it, there are a lot of different moves you can do, which all have a different effect on your body. And it’s nice to see that the progression goes quite quick. In the beginning I struggled to jump just normally, but now I’m able to do a lot more complicated moves for a longer time. So when you first start, it’s maybe nice to add it to your workout as a warm-up for like 5 to 10 minutes, but once you get better you can really make it into an individual workout, which you can do everywhere. The downstairs neighbours of the appartements I stayed in can confirm this. I also do different workout videos on YouTube with a jumprope, so I will share these later as well.



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  1. Merel Anne schreef:

    I love jumping rope workouts! But I only do ‘normal’ jumping. I’m curious what kind of exercises you do with your rope. There was a time that I could jump for almost 15 minutes in a row!

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