Middle East Food Platter

During my stay in Milan I discovered, thanks to the best roommate and friend, this amazing restaurant called Nún. They have an unique concept where you can choose your own wrap, flavour, sauce and fillings (as many as you like), and all healthy. So I would definitely recommend visiting this place when you are in Milan.

But since I’m back home again, I can’t drop by anymore and decided to recreate it as good as possible.

Because this is a food platter, you can add anything you like, I just find this the best combination. You can also put your fillings in the wrap, but I just like to tear it up and eat it with my hands.

The base for this recipe is the wrap: I had a carrot wrap, where almost 50% consists of carrot, but you can also use spelt or whole-wheat for example.

The second step is your flavour: I chose beet falafel, but you can also use regular falafel or chicken for instance.

After that you add your sauce: This time I got baba ganoush, however hummus or yoghurt make a great combination as well.

And lastly  you add your fillings: I made a salad of cumcumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion and coriander, seasoned with some salt and pepper. Under the falafel I had rucola, on top of it fried onions and on the side some olives and capers. Lastly I topped everything with some chili flakes.

Eventually you should end up with something like this, enjoy!



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